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Jun. 29th, 2008

02:39 pm

I've read 49 of the 100 books on the list. What a strange selection of books!

I'm off to Istanbul for a couple of weeks. Cheers, team!

Apr. 25th, 2008

12:22 pm

I was sitting at a light at Jane and St. Clair and it suddenly occurred to me that I named myself "enidjane" after the songs Enid and Jane by the Barenaked Ladies, and that Jane in the song is named Jane St. Clair, presumably after the streets in Toronto, since the band is from Toronto, and now I live in Toronto right near Jane St.

Actually, I live pretty much at the intersection of Jane and Annette, so maybe I should change my name to annettejane.

Apr. 22nd, 2008

09:23 pm - Blogity blog

I'm not good at updating here. I never have anything of interest to say - all is well! Photos are here. Youtube videos are here. All is great. Cooper is wonderful! Here's my unremarkable day:

7:00am Cooper wakes up. I change him and bring him to bed with me to try to convince him to sleep some more.

7:30am I get breakfast ready for Cooper. We have a guest staying with us (a co-author of Peter's, originally from Bangladesh, now living in Vancouver. Hilarious, fun, new father, smart) and so I make a nice breakfast - a frittata with smoked chicken sausage and goat cheese. We eat and chat and play with Cooper.

9:00am The nanny arrives and I get to work answering emails. A few students want to see their exams because their mark is unexpectedly low. Whatever. The contractor has a quote to renovate the basement which looks good (the floor needs to be lowered, and we want to install a bathroom). I also do some preparation for the presentation I'm making tomorrow to a group of 70 high school girls about careers in commercial real estate.

10:00am I take a break and play with Cooper while the nanny packs up a bag and gets the stroller ready. We have a family + caregiver pass to the Royal Ontario Museum and she's taking him there with her nanny friend and little charge. (Later she tells me that Cooper showed a keen interest in Buddhist artefacts.)

11:00am I try to start working on the census datafile that my research assistant sent me, but I realize that I have an outdated version of the statistical software here at home. I decide to go to school. Our houseguest has a lunch date so Peter and I make plans to go for sushi at the little neighborhood joint at noon. I read the user guide to the datafile and learn that I'll have over 500,000 data points. This is fabulous!

12:00pm I eat a bento box with tofu teriaki, shrimp tempura, salad and a tuna roll. And then I drive to work.

1:00pm I stop for gas and chat with the man at the next pump over. For the first time in my life, a man asks me for my phone number out of the blue. This is the highlight of my day and I call Peter to tell him immediately. He was a pretty nice looking man, too. Although he put exactly $7.00 of gas in his car which I found odd.

1:30pm I get to work and load up the datafile. I'm interested in immigrant housing and my goal is to make recommendations for mortgage and housing policies to the government of Canada for newly arrived immigrants. The first step is to document how immigrants are housed as compared to non-immigrants. I learn quickly that the year of immigration is very important. After 15 years in Canada, immigrants seem to be better housed than non-immigrants.

5:00pm I leave work to go to a dinner to thank the outgoing president of the Real Estate Club. I get stuck in traffic, but Toronto is still new to me and I don't really mind inching along and eyeballing the neighborhoods. I still end up arriving 15 minutes early, and I see a little shop called the Paperie and buy some blank cards with puppies on them. I print out pictures of Cooper and mail them to my parents once a month or so - I'll use these cards.

6:00pm I have seafood linguine with marinara sauce and a glass of Pinot Grigio at Capocaccia. The MBA students seem interested in the new course that I'm developing (it's called Asset Securitization).

8:30pm Cooper greets me enthusiastically when I get home. Maybe this is actually the highlight of my day. Peter and our houseguest leave to go to the neighborhood pub for some burgers and beer. I feed Cooper and he falls asleep immediately.

9:30pm I write a livejournal entry.

10:00pm I take a shower tonight instead of the morning since I'll be riding the subway early tomorrow to go to that high school girl event. I'll go lay in bed and read my Istanbul travel books (I have a conference there this summer).

11:00pm I fall asleep (hopefully).

Apr. 7th, 2008

10:46 am

My Personality

Openness to Experience
You do not feel nervous in social situations, and have a good impression of what others think of you, however mostly your emotions are on an even keel and you do not get depressed easily. You like to speak out, take charge, and direct the activities of others. You are usually the leader in group activites. You prefer facts over fantasy and are more interested in what is happening in the real word. You do not enjoy confrontation, but you will stand up for yourself or push your point if you feel it is important, however you believe that a certain amount of deception in social relationships is necessary. You are guarded in new relationships and less willing to openly reveal the whole truth about yourself. You have strong will-power and are able to overcome your reluctance to begin tasks. You are able to stay on track despite distractions.

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Chandelier Earrings

Feb. 13th, 2008

05:00 pm - NEWSFLASHH!HH!!

Cooper had a big huge developmental leap weekend. He now has teeth and can crawl reliably forward. And he has started solving simple partial differential equations.

Photos of teeth: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cooperdarke/

Feb. 1st, 2008

03:42 pm - Meme

Ok, I get the concept that we post the empty meme and invite our friends to post the answers in the comments. But pardon me, isn't that quite silly? Do I post my answers in every one of my friend's comment sections? Do I pick my favorite friend and post it there? Doesn't it make more sense for us to each post our answers in our own blogs and then friends can comment on it? I just want efficiency here, people.

1) Are you currently in a serious relationship?
A. Yes, married.

2) What was your dream growing up?
A. To be a veterinarian, or a ballerina.

3) What talent do you wish you had?
A. Some semblance of musical talent might be nice. I wouldn't trade away my math and volleyball, though.

4) If I bought you a drink what would it be?
A. I'll have champagne.

5) Favorite vegetable?
A. Beets.

6) What was the last book you read?
A. Yiddish Policeman's Union. I liked my previous read, World War Z better.

7) What zodiac sign are you?
A. Cancer. Although I think astrology is bullshit. :)

8) Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? Explain where.
A. Just pierced ears.

9) Worst Habit?
A. Meme-filling.

10) If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride?
A. If I recognize a friend, I'd pick them up, of course.

11) What is your favorite sport?
A. Volleyball

12) Do you have a Negative or Optimistic attitude?
A. I'm very optimistic.

13) What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me?
A. I expect I'd have a friendly conversation with anyone I'm stuck in an elevator with.

14) Worst thing to ever happen to you?
A. That pain is pressed down too deep to casually fling it out and around for a meme

15) Tell me one weird fact about you.
A. I'm unusually organized.

16) Do you have any pets?
A. Bruno, chocolate lab, age 3. Jazzy, shepherd mutt, age 2.

17) What if i showed up at your house unexpectedly?
A. Warm welcome, big meal.

19) Do you think clowns are cute or scary?
A. Neither.

20) If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be?
A. Post-pregnancy belly skin would snap back

21) Would you be my crime partner or my conscience?
A. Conscience.

22) What color eyes do you have?
A. Brown

23) Ever been arrested?
A. No

24) Bottle or can soda?
A. Bottle. Cans taste metally.

25) If you won $10,000 today, what would you do with it?
A. Invest it. Or maybe my parents would take money from me if I won it.

27) What's your favorite place to hang at?
A. My house.

28) Do you believe in ghosts?
A. Not even slightly.

29) Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
A. Play with the baby

30) Do you swear a lot?
A. No

31) Biggest pet peeve?
A. Dog hair all over the house

32) In one word, how would you describe yourself?
A. Woman

33) Do you believe/appreciate romance?
A. Sure.

35) Do you believe in God?
A. Not even slightly.

36) Will you repost this so I can fill it out and do the same for you?
A. No!

Jan. 21st, 2008

05:42 pm

How did my baby grow up so fast? Look at him - he looks like a little boy already!

In other news, I feel like I'm cool because my new laptop has a little fingerprint scanner to use to login. That does make me cool, right?

Dec. 17th, 2007

12:00 am - Sock monkey pajamas! (6 months old)

Dec. 16th, 2007

05:14 pm

Ok, hey, Livejournal post! All is incredibly well for me - 2007 has been the best year of my life. The year started with me getting news from the amnio test that Cooper was genetically healthy, and then he was born and he is a DELIGHT and I moved back home to Canada and bought a great cozy, old house in an interesting neighborhood. And right now, the stockings are hung over the big fireplace and Cooper is napping in his new dinosaur pajamas (gift from Grandma) and there is a TON of snow outside, I hear Pete type-type-typing and I'm about to make some baked salmon for dinner.

Yeah, so I live in Canada now, eh. In Toronto, a fabulously large and interesting city. I miss Tallahassee not at all. Ok, I miss some friends from there and my job was fine, but Tallahassee did not endear itself to me. Now I've got opera tickets! And NBA tickets! And I can get empanadas and patties and kimchee and raisin scones and smoked arctic char and actually, ANYTHING. So the city is great. And I work for the top business school in Canada and have these incredibly accomplished students and a much larger research budget. And I got a revise-and-resubmit on that one paper at that one journal, which is a very good thing. And Peter is much, much happier here than at Florida State, which is a very, very good thing.

Cooper is the easiest, sweetest, loveliest little guy. He smiles all the time, rarely cries, sleeps and eats well and does all the developmental stuff he's supposed to. I have nothing at all to worry about with him, which is lovely. He's sitting up now and babbling "koykoykoy" and his fine motor skills look good and he does these huge belly laughs when you do something funny like tickle his side or raspberry his belly or eat his toes. Oh, and yesterday he did his first turdlike poop. Hooray! He turned 6 months old on Dec. 2nd and we've been introducing solid food - this explains the change in poopies. :) His most salient physical feature is his large size. He is BIG - way bigger than the 95th percentile, taking after his father. He is growing out of the size 12 months clothes already, to give you an idea. As far as childcare, we have a nanny who comes to our house 9 to 5, and I work at home 3 or 4 days a week. This is a a perfect childcare arrangement - I can even nurse him in the day and play with him a little when I take a break.

Yep, all is well. Everything is so damn good for me that I feel like I'm bragging just when I describe how everything is going. But I'm so, so grateful and happy.

So I'm hoping all my LJ friends have a very happy holiday season and that 2008 brings you joy and fun and accomplishments.

Nov. 25th, 2007

11:46 pm

How evil are you?

I'm sorry, but I can't accept a pronouncement of evil from a meme writer who classifies Canada as a European country and spells vegetarian as "vegitarian".

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